St BUSEN down limit private placement Chongqing XINSANWEI investment as the fifth largest circulation shareholder

On October 16, St BUSEN announced that it had received the inquiry letter (requiring administrative permission) No. 14 2020 from the management department of SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. < p > < p > the inquiry letter requires St BUSEN to improve the following related issues: St BUSEN changed its controlling shareholder and actual controller in September 2019, and whether it is necessary to perform the relevant administrative examination and approval procedures for this transaction when the controlling shareholder and actual controller changed in September 2019; on January 14, 2020, St BUSEN was investigated by the CSRC for suspected violation of laws and regulations; on August 7, St BUSEN violated the information disclosure After being punished by the CSRC, the Shenzhen stock exchange required St BUSEN to check whether it met the requirements of the transaction. According to the plan, the estimated equity values of the trading party about micro Tianxia were determined as RMB 3 billion and RMB 2.1 billion respectively. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked St BUSEN to explain the reasons for the inconsistency of different shareholders’ pricing for the same underlying asset in the same restructuring matter, and whether it was in compliance with laws and regulations Relevant regulations. According to the data, as of September 11, 2020, Chongqing XINSANWEI Investment Consulting Center (limited partnership) – Changsheng No.11 private fund held 4085700 shares of St BUSEN, accounting for 2.926% of the circulating shares, which is the fifth largest circulating shareholder. According to the data, Chongqing XINSANWEI Investment Consulting Center (limited partnership) was established on April 30, 2014, and its registration authority is Chongqing Yubei district market supervision and Administration Bureau. The company’s business scope includes: using its own funds to engage in investment business; investment management; investment consulting. < / P > < p > Disclaimer: the purpose of this article reprinted by finance and economics is to convey more information and does not represent the views and positions of the website. The content of this paper is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and bear their own risks. < p > < p > Chinanet is a national key news website under the leadership of the Information Office of the State Council and managed by China foreign language publishing and Distribution Bureau. Through 11 versions in 10 languages, the website releases information 24 hours a day, which is an important window for China to carry out international communication and information exchange.