Special war veteran Yang Guojiang’s retirement wish

In the early winter of December 1 in Chongqing, the cold wind in the hinterland of the mountain city was piercing. On the training ground of the four armed police teams on duty in Chongqing, a special combat team member crawled forward, got up, rolled in, fell down and fired his gun. His action was crisp and neat, and won the applause of the officers and soldiers. < / P > < p > veteran Yang Guojiang is demonstrating his work, and he will retire and leave the team in 10 days. In this last military time, Yang Guojiang did not want to leave any regrets. There is a list on his notebook, which says: “run an obstacle, practice an enemy capture, compare an assassination…” Taking part in training again became his cherished wish before he left the team. < p > < p > 12 years ago, Yang Guojiang came to the special combat platoon because of his excellent physical fitness. Now the recruits he has brought have already become the backbone of the squadron. During the past 12 years, Yang Guojiang, combined with his own training and group training experience, has explored and summed up more than 10 kinds of special operation training methods, bringing more than 100 special operation top soldiers. He often said: “in order to win tomorrow’s war, I will pass on my” stunt “to more people!” During the break, he took Sergeant Qin faxing to talk with Luo Yongqiang. “After I’m gone, you should work hard in the army and make achievements with my wishes.” Yang Guojiang said.