South Korea’s Blue House staff changed five chief secretaries in three days

in Seoul, August 12th, the Korean President Wen moon Jae in August 12th nominated two chief secretary of the Chong Wa Dae again. Three former chief secretaries have been replaced. < p > < p > on August 7, the chief of the Secretary office and five chief secretaries of qingwatai resigned, saying that they “should take corresponding responsibility for the recent situation”. This is the first moon Jae in Chong Wa Dae since the Wen in power.

10, Wen Yin nominated Cui Zaicheng, Jin Zonghao and moon Jae in the Chong Wa Dae as the new Chief Secretary of the government affairs, Chief Secretary of civil affairs and Chief Secretary of civil society, and was appointed the following day. < / P > < p > born in 1958, Zheng Wanhao was born in the media industry. He once served as the policy secretary in the Roh moo Hyun government, and successively held the posts of head of KT media department and deputy governor of Jiang Yuandao. Yin Changlie was born in 1967 and has been working in the state adjustment room. After the establishment of moon Jae in the government, he served as the state adjustment room, the social adjustment chief and the chief executive officer.

South Korean public opinion believes that the frequent change of officials in recent years is mainly due to the public’s controversial views on a series of economic policies and the negative news of many officials of the ruling party, resulting in a sharp decline in moon Jae in support.