South Korean prosecutors prosecuted more than 350 cases of impeding epidemic prevention, and the police launched an investigation into false news

Prosecutors in South Korea have prosecuted more than 350 cases of impeding Xinguan epidemic prevention after the outbreak of Xinguan, South Korea’s International Radio reported on the 25th. The prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Korea said that at 9:00 a.m. on the 24th, the prosecution filed a total of 354 cases of impeding Xinguan epidemic prevention. Among them, 300 cases were prosecuted in violation of the law on prevention of infectious diseases, such as violating the assembly ban, refusing epidemiological investigation and failing to comply with the isolation measures. In addition, there were 87 cases of spreading false information or false declaration of the new epidemic situation, of which 38 cases were prosecuted. A total of 16 civil servants were prosecuted for divulging official secrets or personal information related to the new epidemic. In addition, the police began to investigate the spread of false information about the new epidemic situation. The police department’s Internet search team said that some people spread false information in places such as YouTube that “a lot of people tested positive for viruses in health care centers but negative in hospitals” and so on, which is being investigated internally. Police have also launched an investigation into the claim of “new coronavirus” by the pastor quanguang of “love first” church on youtube and other places.