South Korea plans to send materials to Sade base to prevent “human wall” of residents

On the 27th, South Korea’s defense ministry planned to transport materials to the “Sade” base, and local people demonstrated against it. Photo source: a screenshot of a report by South Korea’s Newswire news agency. According to South Korean media reports, on the 27th, South Korea’s Ministry of defense delivered construction equipment and other materials to the “Sade” anti missile base in gyeongshangbei road. Local residents protested to stop the transportation, and the tension on the scene heated up again. < / P > < p > according to the “Sade” withdrawal peace conference, South Korea’s Ministry of defense plans to transport construction materials and waste vehicles to the “Sade” anti missile base in shaochengli, caotan, shinchou Prefecture, gyeongshang Hokkaido at around 10 am local time on the 27th. < / P > < p > at present, residents demanding the withdrawal of “Sade” have gathered at the entrance of the base and other places for anti demonstration. At the scene, some residents built a “human wall” with their bodies and ladders to prevent vehicles from entering the base. According to previous reports, on October 22, the South Korean Ministry of defense transported equipment and materials to the “Sade” base in Xingzhou, and dispatched more than 800 policemen to maintain order. More than 70 residents and members of anti Sade groups strongly resisted, and many were injured and sent to hospital due to forced evacuation by the police.