South Korea plans to replace “Black Hawk” with domestic “Eagle”, although the cost is not cost-effective

According to the defense news website on October 9, according to a South Korean lawmaker, the South Korean arms procurement agency plans to replace the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter with the domestic kuh-1 “Eagle”. < / P > < p > instead of upgrading 103 uh-60p “Black Hawk” helicopters, which have been in service for about 20 years, the national defense procurement project administration has decided to decommission them. < / P > < p > a study shows that the production of about 130 Eagle helicopters will cost about $2.9 billion, more than five times the price of upgrading the Black Hawk. In addition, the flying time and distance of “Eagle” are only 84% and 83% of that of “Black Hawk”. The “Eagle” can carry nine soldiers, while the “black eagle” can carry 11 soldiers. The eagle helicopter was jointly developed by Korea Aerospace Industry Corporation and Airbus helicopter company in 2009 to replace the old UH-1H and 500MD, according to the report. Korea Aerospace Industry Corporation plans to provide 220 “Eagle” helicopters to the army and Marine Corps by 2023.