South African health minister: not ready to lift the ban on alcohol and tobacco sales

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Mukez, South Africa’s health minister,

, August 7th, 6, inspected Kwazulu’s Natal province on the day of its work against new crown pneumonia. It was pointed out that South Africa is not ready to cancel the sale ban on alcohol and cigarettes products in Johannesburg.

recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed a slow growth in South Africa, and many efforts to fight the epidemic also appeared “positive signals”. Recently, South African business leaders and South African Medical Research Council and other organizations have called for the lifting of the ban on the sale of alcohol and cigarettes, saying that the South African government’s previous ban on the epidemic has achieved its goal. In response, mukatz said that although the pressure on medical institutions in South Africa has been relieved and the recovery rate of the epidemic has exceeded 70%, allowing the sale of tobacco and alcohol means that the South African government still needs to do a lot of preparatory work. “The position of the South African government is very simple. We will reconsider these when we see that the increase in diagnosis and the pressure on medical institutions’ beds no longer threaten the normal life of the people of South Africa. But at present, the fight against the epidemic has not reached this stage. ”