Six veterans of hongqilapu border company set foot on patrol for the last time

On November 20, the garrison of hongqilapu border defense company of Kashgar Army division in Xinjiang was already in a storm. After finishing the housekeeping, Sergeant Wei Bo looked at the Outdoor Thermometer, which showed: – 23 ℃. < / P > < p > on this day, the six veterans of the company will set foot on the patrol road for the last time, and solemnly bid farewell to their military career in the unique way of border guards. “There was no arrangement for veterans to participate in this patrol, but they took the initiative to find the company commander and insisted on participating in the last patrol.” Liu Xiaolong, the leader of the team, told the author. At about 12:00, the patrol officers and soldiers boarded the patrol car. It’s more than 20 kilometers from the company to the patrol point. It’s not a long journey. You have to cross two snow mountains with an altitude of more than 4700 meters. The 30 cm thick snow has already connected the patrol road and the cliff into a vast expanse. < / P > < p > the more snow falls, the slower the car drives. “The road ahead is too steep for cars to move on.” The pilot Jiang Feng reported to the leading cadres. At this point, there is still 4 kilometers to go from the patrol point. The higher the altitude, the thinner the oxygen. It is not easy to walk on the plateau above 4700 meters. We panted and climbed one steep slope after another. Sometimes the snow slope was too steep. We used both hands and feet to climb up. “Slow down, everyone. Be safe.” Veteran Ma Xueqiang told his comrades behind him. < / P > < p > as soon as his voice fell, veteran Wu Tianyu yelled “no good” and his right foot got stuck in the narrow stone crevice. “Tianyu, don’t worry. Let’s move the stone together now.” Weibo comforted. At the end of the speech, everyone moved closer to Wu Tianyu and leaned toward the cliff. At the same time, everyone reached out a hand to remove the stone. A few minutes later, Wu Tianyu’s ankle had swollen like a steamed bun. Seeing this, the veterans all said, “Tianyu, we are carrying you in turn.” “It doesn’t hurt. Don’t worry, I can do it! ” Wu Tianyu gave a firm answer. After simple treatment of the wound, the team continued to set out. < / P > < p > “you see, the boundary pillar is in front!” Liu Xiaolong yelled when he was 600 meters away from the point. After nearly five hours of trekking, the patrol finally reached the point. All the way tired, in the moment to see the monument disappeared. < / P > < p > the moment when the patrol survey is completed and we say goodbye to the boundary pillar, the surging emotion rushes through the gate of memory. Standing next to the monument, six veterans reviewed the military oath together, and then one by one, they kissed the monument and cried like a tearful person. “No matter where you go, you will always have the blood of soldiers, and you should always keep the true colors of soldiers. Wherever you go, you should always be loyal to the party, have a good style of work, dare to fight hard and be able to win. Hongqilapu border company will always be your home. ” Liu Xiaolong said to the veteran. < / P > < p > in the cold wind, six veterans raised their right hands to salute the boundary pillar for the last time. “Look at the clouds, look at the clouds, the bare post also has fun…” In the wind and snow, I saw them singing away from the boundary monument.