Six trading limits with a total market value exceeding 10 billion

Recently in the A-share market set off a huge wave, it turned out to be a high-end women’s wear enterprise langzi shares (002612). Because of the concept of “medical beauty”, the company has won the popularity of the market, and has gained six trading limits in a row. Lanzi shares, which was invested by the organization and landed in the small and medium-sized board market this month, was once a pure women’s clothing enterprise. However, in the case of decline in the main business, langzi entered the medical and beauty industry by way of acquisition. Until November this year, the company had no sense of existence in the secondary market. Surprisingly, on November 2, the company started with a stock price of 9.4 yuan, and opened the market with a 6.17% rise. < / P > < p > from December 7 to 14, Lanzi shares gained a total of 6 trading limits, becoming a well deserved Star stock. Yesterday’s closing price was 23.4 yuan, and the total market value exceeded 10 billion yuan. No doubt, the company has stepped on the tuyere of medical beauty. The reporter noted that at the end of October before the sharp rise, Lanzi shares disclosed that it planned to invest 300 million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Chengdu to be responsible for the operation and management of the company’s fashion medical beauty and women’s clothing business in the central and western regions. After the announcement, the frequency of institutional research of Lanzi shares increased sharply. Since November, the company has disclosed six records of investor relations activities, during which it has received at least 181 institutions, and the research topics all focus on the business of medical and American plate. < / P > < p > in the research activities, Lanzi mainly introduced the business situation of its two major medical beauty brands, namely “Jingfu medical beauty” and “Milan Baiyu”. Among them, Jingfu medical beauty focuses on laser and micro plastic medical beauty services, aiming at meeting customers’ younger shaping needs, and its business has grown to nearly 200 million yuan. Milan Baiyu is a high-end comprehensive plastic surgery hospital medical beauty brand. < p > < p > according to the public information, affected by the epidemic situation, the income of women’s clothing and infants of Lanzi Co., Ltd. this year decreased sharply compared with that of the previous year, but the income of Yimei increased against the trend. In the first three quarters of 2020, the company achieved an operating revenue of 1.997 billion yuan and a net profit of 49.9937 million yuan attributable to its parent company. During this period, the company’s medical beauty business achieved a revenue of 598 million yuan and a net profit of 46.99 million yuan attributable to its parent company. In other words, the vast majority of the company’s profits come from the medical beauty business. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that on December 14, Lanzi announced that in order to further focus on the main business, after careful deliberation by the board of directors of the company, Lanzi fashion (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, was authorized to search for potential buyers and dispose of the remaining 8.12% equity of L & P in South Korea in accordance with market principles. L & P is a well-known cosmetics company with rapid growth in South Korea in recent years, and its business scale ranks in the forefront of the same industry in South Korea. At the end of 2015, Longzi gradually acquired the equity of the company. < / P > < p > “further focus on the main business”. According to the understanding of investors, Lanzi’s main business at present is clothing, and the company’s divestiture of investment equity in cosmetics seems to confirm this judgment, but the company is just walking in the market with “beauty economy”. According to the data, the income proportion of medical and beauty plate of langzi has increased continuously from 6.25% at the end of 2016 to 28.3% at the end of 2019. < / P > < p > for this “brain burning problem”, investors in Shanghai said to reporters yesterday, “the company has done exchanges with institutions before, and senior executives admit that medical beauty is the main business at present, but because of the boss’s emotional factors, women’s clothing business will not give up.” < p > < p > previously, in its third quarterly report, Lanzi predicted that its net profit in 2020 would be between RMB 100 million and RMB 150 million, with a year-on-year growth of 70.13% – 155.19%. At the institutional exchange meeting, the company’s executives revealed that the women’s clothing business performed well in the “double 11” period. The annual 30% revenue growth of Yimei is not a big problem. The net profit attributable to the mother will be about 70 million yuan, and there will be a profit of 100 million yuan next year. < / P > < p > the trend of Lanzi shares has attracted regulatory attention. On the evening of December 11, after five consecutive trading limits, langzi received a letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which was required to explain the specific situation of medical beauty business, business growth, profit model, main products / services, core competitiveness; recent research on reception institutions and individual investors, whether there are any issues violating the principle of fair disclosure; and directors, supervisors, senior executives of the company Whether the managers and their immediate family members have the behavior of buying and selling the company’s shares, and whether they are suspected of insider trading. < / P > < p > from the perspective of disk, recently, Lanzi is obviously in the stage of hot money speculation. From the perspective of dragon and tiger list, most of them are famous hot money such as Everbright Securities Shenzhen Jintian Road business department, Guosheng securities Ningbo Sangtian Road business department, Xiangcai Securities Shanghai Lujiazui business department. < / P > < p > in the exchange, investors in Shanghai said that at present, the vast majority of medical beauty brands have no brand value and can only focus on the brand of doctors. Langzi’s medical beauty brand starts from Chengdu and Xi’an, and its subordinate organizations are also concentrated here. “The medical beauty consumption potential of these two places is large, and the relative competition is not fierce. Because the company adopts the same city chain mode, the same city organizations share star doctors and high unit price equipment, and strengthen the operation cooperation, but it is inevitable for the subsequent companies to accelerate the chain replication. If they expand in the new city, the cultivation period will start from now on But to extend it is also full of uncertainty. ” < p > < p > langzi also revealed that there were 1-3 institutions included in the listed companies during the year. Jingfu, a middle-end medical beauty brand, will expand at the rate of opening four or five new stores every year. “The expansion of Milan Baiyu is relatively difficult. For other expansion in other places, it takes one and a half years for crystal skin and two to three years for Milan cypress feather. ” < / P > < p > Disclaimer: the purpose of this article reprinted by CNFC is to convey more information, and it does not represent the opinions and positions of CNFC. The content of this article is for reference only, and does not constitute an investment proposal. 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