Six officials of South Korea’s Qing wa Tai secretary’s office resigned

China News Agency, Seoul, August 7, South Korea’s Tsing wa Tai announced on August 7 that six officials, including the head of the Secretary’s office, submitted their resignations on the same day.

, this is the first time that the senior officials of Chong Wa Dae have resigned from the moon Jae in the government since they came to power. Lu Yingmin, head of the Secretary’s office, and five chief secretaries resigned on the same day, saying that “they said they would take corresponding responsibility for the recent situation”, according to the relevant responsible person of qingwatai at the meeting.

, the person in charge said that Lu Yingmin and other officials were making a decision of resignation after “comprehensive judgment”, but whether the Korean President Wen Yin accepted their resignation was not clear.