[short video] Wang Zhen: response to the “big test” of the epidemic in Zhejiang

Recently, Wang Zhen, director of Zhejiang CDC, said that the construction of “healthy Zhejiang” has three advantages for epidemic prevention and control: first, it has established an efficient and collaborative system. Second, it has greatly improved the guarantee ability of medical services. Third, the effect of health intervention is obvious. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, medical service institutions at all levels in Zhejiang Province, including the medical community, have made great efforts to improve their medical service capabilities, especially in the internet medical service capabilities and the diagnosis and treatment service capabilities of Chinese medicine, through the reform of “run once at most”, “three doctor linkage”, “six doctor coordination” and other measures. At present, 98.03% of medical institutions in Zhejiang Province have realized smart registration and smart settlement, and all medical institutions can provide TCM treatment based on syndrome differentiation.