“Sharing health and eliminating hunger” Bayer presented its brand new corporate vision in the 3rd ICIF

On the evening of November 4, with the opening of the third China International Import Expo in the National Convention and Exhibition Center, Bayer, the world’s leading life science enterprise, appeared in the Expo for the third consecutive year. As a member of China International Import Expo exhibitors alliance, Bayer has further increased its participation this year, and the total area of its exhibition stands has expanded to twice the scale of the previous two exhibitions. Among them, the exhibition scale of medical devices and medical care exhibition area was further expanded. Centering on the new enterprise vision of “sharing health and eliminating hunger”, Bayer demonstrated its core competitiveness in the field of medical health and agriculture through a series of highlights and wonderful activities. In China novel coronavirus pneumonia has also set up an independent stand in this year’s public health and epidemic prevention area to demonstrate Bayer’s responsibility in the process of fighting the new crown pneumonia and the contribution to the construction of public health and epidemic prevention capacity in China and the optimization and innovation of the global public health system. “China’s new novel coronavirus pneumonia is the” new normal “, making health care and food safety particularly critical, said

, global executive vice president of the pharmaceutical business division of Bayer Group and President of China and Asia Pacific region, and Jiang Wei, President of Greater China. Bayer, which has core competitiveness in these two important areas, will actively undertake corporate social responsibility and play a leading role in the industry, bringing more innovative products and solutions. In the future, Bayer will continue to work hand in hand with more Chinese partners and continue to contribute to such important strategies as “healthy China” and “Rural Revitalization” to enable the Chinese people to enjoy a better life. ” < / P > < p > with China’s economy entering a new stage of high-quality development, Bayer will continue to rely on its expertise in the field of life sciences to expand its practice in the fields of medical care, health and agriculture, and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of China’s industrial structure. In terms of medical and health, Bayer focuses on five major areas of concern, namely cancer diagnosis and treatment, chronic disease management, women’s health, nutrition and digestive tract health. By accelerating R & D and innovation, expanding external cooperation, enabling accurate diagnosis, promoting internet medical care, and improving public health literacy, Bayer has comprehensively contributed to the construction of “healthy China”. In the field of agriculture, Bayer will demonstrate six practices, including seed, plant protection, digital and precision agriculture, farmer education, safe drug use, and safe and high-quality staple food, fruits and vegetables, so as to boost China’s grand goal of “Rural Revitalization”. < / P > < p > centering on the corporate vision of “sharing health and eliminating hunger”, Bayer presented medical solutions covering prevention, diagnosis, mitigation and treatment as well as innovative, efficient and environmental comprehensive agricultural solutions, with various highlights. < / P > < p > among them, the innovative drug dofigo will be released, and Bayer will also open a new field of prostate cancer treatment in China. With the aging of population and lifestyle changes, the incidence rate of prostate cancer has been increasing rapidly in China in recent years. In August, dofigo was approved by China’s State Drug Administration to bring multiple benefits to prostate cancer patients with a new treatment. < p > < p > Bayer has also brought mrxperion, an intelligent injection system for high-pressure MR angiography. It fills in the blank of Mr contrast-enhanced imaging informatization, and makes it possible to provide personalized and customized medical services for patients. In addition, the intelligent platform brings about the optimization of clinical operation, which can greatly reduce the risk of nosocomial infection, and has unique advantages in reducing the infection of new coronavirus and improving the protection of medical staff and patients. < / P > < p > in this exhibition, Bayer also introduced one a day compound plant Shuzhen shenmian tablets, which is rich in natural plant ingredients and does not contain melatonin, to meet the needs of Chinese consumers for self-care solutions with specific functions. The appearance of this product benefits from China’s continuous open business environment and the in-depth development of cross-border e-commerce, making Bayer’s health consumer products from all over the world accessible in China. < / P > < p > in the field of agriculture, innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly integrated agricultural solutions are one of the highlights of Bayer’s booth. In this Expo, Bayer has brought three innovative new plant protection products, including Zhuoren, the first wholly-owned foreign-owned biological agent in China, a new generation of patented bisamide insecticide Guoteng and a new patented fungicide lunaqing. At the same time, Bayer’s Saint nice vegetable Division has brought a taste type pine and broccoli variety, micheus, which can be harvested many times at the planting end, with high yield and high income. At the same time, it can meet the diversified needs of consumers and storage and transportation for quality, taste, nutrition and storage and transportation resistance. In addition, Bayer environmental science business unit focuses on the RMS digital rodent monitoring system and solutions, as well as environmentally friendly, efficient and low toxic rodent killing products. < p > < p > as a national Expo with the theme of import, the CIFIT is an important window to construct the pattern of “domestic and international double circulation”. In the next few days, Bayer’s booth will have a number of contract signing activities with domestic enterprises, join hands with Chinese pharmaceutical industry groups such as Sinopharm group, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Holding Co., Ltd., xianle health and Weikang biology, as well as innovative enterprises and biotechnology enterprises in the field of medicine and health to respond to the new economic pattern of “double cycle” and inject more vitality. Novel coronavirus pneumonia will be a highlight of the green agriculture development cooperation project jointly implemented by the Shanghai Municipal Agriculture Commission and Shanghai agricultural technology center during the

entry. Meanwhile, Bayer will announce the assistance to farmers in Hubei, China, which is affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, and will implement the solemn promise of Bayer to China’s market by implementing the 200 thousand principles. < / P > < p > in addition, Bayer has brought the digital innovation culture from enterprise operation into the Expo site. Bayer will carry out a series of on-site and online interactive activities such as health science popularization, virtual farm experience, Knowledge Q & A, etc., which will not only provide the participants with intuitive and interesting exhibition experience, but also bring the bright products and solutions to the vast number of Chinese patients, consumers and growers outside the Expo. < p > < p > in the future, Bayer will continue to seize the opportunities brought about by China’s opening-up, cooperate closely with Chinese local partners through a series of platforms and opportunities including the China International Fair. At the same time, Bayer will continue to adhere to the corporate vision of “sharing health and eliminating hunger”, promote continuous innovation and high-quality development in medical and agricultural fields, and bring more high-quality products and solutions To China, to meet the needs of Chinese patients, consumers and growers, and to contribute to a better life in China.