Shanxi pension institutions can apply for geriatric hospital

The general office of the people’s Government of Shanxi Province recently issued the “opinions on deepening the combination of medical care and pension to promote the development of healthy pension”, which makes it clear that pension institutions can apply for the establishment of geriatric hospital, rehabilitation hospital, nursing home, hospice, etc. according to the regulations. < / P > < p > in order to improve the home-based, community-based, institution supplemented, and medical and nursing service system, the province has made it clear that the medical and nursing service facilities should be included in the construction of new community health service institutions in the future, and the township health centers and village clinics should be integrated with the nursing homes and Rural happiness centers in rural areas Construction. The basic medical and health institutions with conditions can set up rehabilitation, nursing, hospice care beds and pension beds, and carry out family bed services according to local conditions. < / P > < p > the province encourages the elderly care institutions and the surrounding medical and health institutions to carry out various forms of contract cooperation in accordance with the principle of convenience and mutual benefit. After signing the contract, medical and health institutions will provide medical and health services for the elderly living in pension institutions. In addition, the province will include the medical institutions in the qualified medical and nursing institutions into the fixed-point scope of basic medical insurance according to the regulations, continuously calculate the starting payment line of medical insurance for the patients who meet the regulations, actively promote the multiple composite medical insurance payment methods such as disease type, disease diagnosis related grouping, bed days, etc., and clarify the payment of medical and health services and pension services Borders.