Shanghai: Science Popularization included in medical staff assessment

Health education and health promotion are included in the development strategy of the hospital, and health science popularization is included in the assessment of the promotion of professional titles of medical staff. Recently, we learned from the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission that the guiding opinions on strengthening health education and health promotion of medical and health institutions in Shanghai have been issued. The “opinions” requires medical and health institutions to strengthen organizational leadership, implement health promotion hospital strategy, integrate health education and health promotion into hospital development strategy and planning, improve management system and operation mechanism, and strive to create a healthy supportive environment and social atmosphere. < p > < p > the opinions put forward that medical and health institutions should establish a health promotion committee, with the main person in charge as the director of the health promotion committee, and multi department linkage to form a work force; build a health education and health promotion organization management system and evaluation system covering the whole hospital and all staff participation, establish and improve the health education and health promotion system; build a health promotion system Taking the opportunity of entering the hospital, we should integrate the concept and standard of health promotion into the business behavior and organizational culture, and further improve the disease prevention and health management of patients and their families, community residents and medical staff by formulating and implementing health policies, creating an environment conducive to the physical and mental health of doctors and patients, strengthening community health action, and carrying out health education and health promotion activities The awareness and skills of management. It is reported that Shanghai will actively promote medical and health institutions to cultivate health education and health promotion teams and talents, improve the incentive and assessment mechanism, integrate health science popularization work into the daily business assessment, priority assessment and professional title promotion of medical staff, and build “annual activity index of health education in medical and health institutions” and “annual influence of media on Health Science Popularization” Continuously release relevant reports.