Shanghai provides medical support for healthy pension

Recently, Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission, Civil Affairs Bureau, development and Reform Commission, Finance Bureau, medical security bureau and other departments jointly issued the “several opinions on further promoting the development of the combination of medical and nursing services in this city”, which requires promoting the development of the combination of medical and nursing care, improving the elderly care service system of coordination between home and community institutions, and combining medical care with health care, so as to better meet the needs of the elderly for the healthy elderly. < p > < p > < p > it is clear in the opinions that the relevant departments should consider the development of the combination of medical care and health care as a whole in the preparation of land spatial planning, and do a good job in land use planning and layout. To strengthen the function of community health service center’s medical and nursing integration platform, to build the community health service center into an important platform of medical and nursing integration; to explore the integration of qualified social comprehensive outpatient department, general clinic, nursing center, rehabilitation medical center, etc., and increase the supply of medical rehabilitation nursing service. In principle, all beds in community health service centers are elderly care beds, and the newly-built community health service centers are set with beds of 1 / 1000 population ~ 1.5 beds / 1000 population, with at least 100 beds. < p > < p > < p > < p > the “opinion” requires to promote the effective connection of pension service resources and medical and health resources. We will improve the signing and cooperation mechanism between medical and health institutions and pension service institutions, encourage pension institutions to carry out various forms of contract cooperation with surrounding medical and health institutions, strengthen the contracted services between community health service centers, pension institutions and community nursing institutions, and improve the frequency and coverage of basic services on the basis of full coverage of contracts. Support social forces to set up medical and nursing institutions through market-oriented operation, and enjoy relevant preferential policies such as taxes, land use, investment and financing. Support the establishment of medical institutions in elderly care institutions, and record management shall be implemented for the application of internal setting of clinics, clinics, clinics and nursing stations. < p > < p > < p > < p > the opinions put forward that strengthening community home health services, expanding the contracted services of family doctors, and improving the service ability of family beds. For the elderly whose unified needs assessment of elderly care is grade 2-6, the signing rate of family doctors is more than 90%. If conditions permit, the community can include psychological counselors, clinical pharmacists, health managers, nutritionists, rehabilitation teachers, social workers, etc. into the family doctor team. Provide home beds, nursing plans, home care and other home-based services for the elderly in need, provide convenient medication services such as long-term prescription and extended prescription for the elderly with chronic diseases, and provide hospice care services for dying patients. The implementation of the “measures of Shanghai Municipality on family sickbed service” has expanded the service items to 64 items of 8 categories, and the proportion of the total number of beds built in families to the permanent resident population should reach 3 ‰.