Shaanxi: poverty reduced by more than 90% due to illness

Xi’an recently learned from the health and Health Commission of Shaanxi Province on October 25 that since the battle of poverty alleviation started, the number of poverty-stricken households due to illness in Shaanxi Province has decreased from 202000 in 2016 to 20100 at present, and the number of poverty-stricken households due to disease has decreased by more than 90%. Su Changping, a poverty-stricken household in Zizhong village, whirlpool Town, Hanyin County, who is suffering from COPD, does not have to go to the county to see a doctor. “It’s more than 50 kilometers of Panshan road to see a doctor in the county. My father can’t breathe and can’t take a long-distance bus. I can only ride a motorcycle and tie him with a harness Su Chunwei, Su Changping’s son, told us, “now that we don’t have to suffer like this anymore, we can receive the same treatment in the township health center with lower cost and lighter burden.” According to Yang Lianchang, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Health and Health Commission, since 2016, Shaanxi has strived to support 139 health projects in 56 poverty-stricken counties within the central budget, with a total investment of 3.825 billion yuan from the central and provincial governments. Up to now, Shaanxi has completely eliminated the “blank spots” of rural medical institutions and personnel. All 96 county-level public general hospitals in the province have reached the standard of second-class hospitals, and all the 154 township hospitals and 23747 village clinics have reached the standard. < p > < p > < p > during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Shaanxi Province continued to implement the plan of recruiting medical undergraduates for medical and health institutions at and below the county level. A total of 886 students were recruited, and 20% were placed in township hospitals. From 2017 to 2019, 233 special post general practitioners were recruited for township health centers in poverty-stricken counties, 2549 rural order oriented free medical students were trained for poor counties, and more than 2600 village doctors were supplemented. At the same time, Shaanxi has strengthened the construction of close medical association, established 74 County medical communities, 119 specialist alliances and 67 remote cooperation networks, which promoted the continuous sinking of high-quality resources, and the county-level treatment rate in poverty-stricken areas reached 90%. < p > < p > Shaanxi Province has established and improved the preferential medical security policy for the poor, and the “triple” guarantee of medical insurance, serious illness insurance and medical assistance for urban and rural residents has been fully covered. By the end of September this year, Shaanxi Province has treated 1.095 million poverty-stricken patients, and the reimbursement rate of hospitalization compliance medical expenses has reached more than 80%; there are 151300 poverty-stricken patients diagnosed with 30 kinds of serious diseases in Shaanxi Province, and 150200 cases have been treated, and the treatment rate has reached 99.27%; the province has contracted 804000 poverty-stricken patients with chronic diseases, achieving one contract signing, one fulfilling the contract and one fulfilling the contract.