Several technology companies in the United States extend “work at home” program to 2021

China News Agency, San Francisco, Aug. 7, US Facebook company announced on the 6th local time that it would extend the “work from home” program to July 2021. Google, Uber, Amazon and twitter have all announced similar decisions recently. < p > < p > according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Facebook said: “based on the guidance of health and government experts, as well as discussions within the company on these issues, we have decided to allow employees to continue to work voluntarily from home until July 2021.” According to Facebook, the company plans to open its offices to the extent permitted by government guidelines while the new coronavirus epidemic continues to improve. But given the severity of the recent U.S. epidemic, Facebook says it is unlikely to open offices in multiple locations this year. Dala kosrossasi, CEO of Uber, an American taxi service company, told employees on the 4th that Uber would allow employees to work from home until June 2021, according to consumer news and business channel. This is “non mandatory”, that is, if the office is open before that, employees can return to the office. Uber employees who work from home will receive a $500 home office equipment allowance, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. “As a flexible company, we want to provide the team with flexibility, choice and long-term transparency so that they can plan ahead of time,” Uber spokesman Louis van der land said in a statement The company will reassess the home office program next spring, but will not shorten its duration. Google’s spokesperson said on July 27 that the company’s employees would work from home until at least July 2021. “I hope this will give you the flexibility to balance your work family relationship over the next 12 months,” Google CEO sundal Pichai said in a memo to employees