Several rocket attacks on the “green zone” in Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, December 20 the Iraqi military said on December 20 that several rockets attacked the “green zone” in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad that night. The US embassy in Iraq launched the air defense system to intercept the Rockets. The Iraqi Joint Operations Command said in a statement that unidentified armed men fired several Katyusha rockets from the southeast of Baghdad into the “green zone” on the evening of the 20th, hitting buildings and vehicles inside the “green zone”, but causing no casualties. < / P > < p > an official of Iraq’s interior ministry said in an interview that the US embassy’s air defense system intercepted and destroyed four rockets that night, and another rocket hit a military facility in the “green zone”. < / P > < p > the US embassy in Iraq issued a statement on the same day, saying that the defense system of the embassy intervened in the rocket attack, causing slight damage to some facilities of the embassy and no casualties. < / P > < p > “green zone”, located in the center of Baghdad, is the seat of Iraqi government agencies and the U.S. and British embassies in Iraq. Similar attacks against the “green zone” have occurred from time to time.