Seven people died of intoxication after drinking fake alcohol in Rajasthan, India

New Delhi, January 15, a government official in western Indian state of Rajasthan said on January 15 that at least seven people in the state died of poisoning due to drinking fake alcohol in the past few days, and several others were hospitalized, of which eight were critically ill. < / P > < p > according to Indian media reports, since the evening of the 12th, more than a dozen villagers have developed poisoning symptoms after drinking local privately made fake wine, and seven people died in three days. Preliminary investigation showed that the victim was methanol poisoning. Local police have investigated the case and arrested five people. < / P > < p > in rural India, illegal businessmen often sell fake alcohol mixed with industrial alcohol, leading to the death of consumers. A case of counterfeit alcohol also occurred in rural Morena of Madhya Pradesh on November 11, killing 24 people. At the end of July 2020, more than 100 people died of drinking fake alcohol in Punjab, India.