Senior trump adviser Carrie Conway announced she was leaving the White House

Just over two months before the US presidential election, just before the Republican convention, a senior adviser to trump suddenly announced that he would leave the White House. According to the Washington Post on August 23, local time, Carrie Anne Conway, a senior adviser to trump, announced that she would leave the White House at the end of August, citing her desire to spend more time with her family. Conway has formally informed trump of the decision. In a statement, Conway said the decision was made mainly in the context of her four children. She said that while she was “excited” to work for the trump administration, she and her husband thought it was the best option for the time being. At the right time, she will announce her plans for the future. < / P > < p > “my four children are in their teens, and they are about to start a new semester in junior high school or high school. For at least a few months, they need to teach at home. Parents all know that this is the time when they need to care and take care of their children. It will be an unusual time. ” “I will spend more time playing a good mother for the sake of my beloved child,” Conway said in a statement However, Conway’s husband, George Conway III, is a conservative lawyer with different political views from his wife. He often criticizes trump on Twitter and is one of the core members of the anti trump political group “Lincoln plan”. This time, he will also withdraw from relevant political groups and leave twitter temporarily. Conway discussed with the trump campaign team before making the decision, according to the report. Campaign advisers thought Conway could play an important role and suggested that she join Trump’s campaign and travel to two states every day to promote. But Conway said she would not be able to spend time with her family, and did not agree to the proposal. During his time working for the trump administration, Conway was a controversial politician. She has been criticized by politicians for violating the hatch act, which prohibits U.S. public officials from using their identities to engage in political activities. Alabama State attorney general has publicly voted against the U.S. Senate special prosecutor for two consecutive years, P < p > in 2018. But the White House denied the accusation, saying Conway was merely expressing Trump’s views. However, it was reported that Conway was still closely involved in the planning of the Congress. She is scheduled to address the Republican Convention on Wednesday night. < p > < p > Kelly Anne Conway is Trump’s third campaign manager in the 2016 election and the first female campaign manager to win the election. After trump took office in the White House, Conway was appointed a senior adviser. She is one of the longest serving consultants for trump, and has always been a staunch supporter of trump, and has been a guest on TV programs to defend trump for a long time. These performances are in sharp contrast to her husband, who strongly opposes trump.