Seminar on corporate governance and Financial Supervision held in Beijing

China net finance and economics, January 10 (reporter Hu jingling) yesterday, the “seminar on corporate governance and financial supervision” co sponsored by CITIC reform and development research foundation and China corporate governance 50 forum was held in Beijing. < p > < p > Chen Yuan, vice chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, delivered a speech. He put forward three expectations for financial enterprises: one is to set an example of strengthening the party’s centralized and unified leadership; the other is to set an example of establishing a standardized corporate governance structure; the third is to set an example of compliance management and risk control. < / P > < p > more than 40 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs attended the meeting, through the combination of online and offline forms, launched a heated discussion on the topics of “improving the quality of corporate governance in the financial industry”, “corporate governance and financial supervision and financial innovation”. < p > < p > Kong Dan, chairman of CITIC reform and development research foundation and former chairman of CITIC Group, Su Ning, former vice president of the people’s Bank of China and former chairman of China UnionPay, Li Kemu, former deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and Li Xiaoxue, former record of Discipline Inspection Commission of China Securities Association and former vice chairman of China Listed Companies Association, respectively talked about corporate governance in the financial industry Topic. < p > < p > at the meeting, Professor Gao Minghua, director of corporate governance and enterprise development research center of Beijing Normal University, presided over the report No.1 (2020) on the corporate governance classification index of Listed Companies in China’s financial industry. The report is the first special report on corporate governance in the financial industry in China. It calculates six indexes of Listed Companies in the financial industry, including the protection of the rights and interests of small and medium investors, the governance of the board of directors, the ability of entrepreneurs, financial governance, voluntary information disclosure, and executive compensation. It analyzes the problems and risks existing in the governance of Listed Companies in the financial industry, and puts forward targeted policy suggestions. At the same time, in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of “improving the modern financial regulatory system” made by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and “opinions on further improving the quality of listed companies” issued by the State Council in October 2020, CITIC reform and development research foundation and the 50 member Forum on China’s corporate governance jointly propose to launch the establishment of the “50 Member Forum on China’s corporate governance” The purpose of “corporate governance committee of financial enterprises” is to study and improve the corporate governance mechanism of financial enterprises by gathering experts from academic, political and business circles in the field of financial industry and corporate governance, so as to effectively guarantee financial stability and promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity. < p > < p > in the experience introduction of Listed Companies in the financial industry, Shao Ziqin, chief non bank financial analyst of CITIC Securities Research Department, made a report on corporate governance and development of securities companies. In the academic seminar, Guo mingshe, a member of the 50 Member Forum on China’s corporate governance and vice president of China Development letter finance Promotion Association, presided over the seminar; Liu Jipeng, Dean of Business School of China University of political science and law; bi Jiyao, Vice Dean of China Institute of macroeconomic research of National Development and Reform Commission; Chen Weidong, Dean of Bank of China Research Institute; Niu Wenxin, chief researcher of China Economic Weekly of people’s daily; and central finance research institute Huang Zhen, Professor of Law School of Jingjing University, Leng Yunsheng, head of Corporate Finance Department of China Securities Research Institute of finance, Teng Yue, general manager of Investment Department of siyuanhe Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Bao Jie, founder of wenyintong, respectively focus on the “independent director system”, “external supervision and internal self-discipline”, “improvement of corporate governance quality of financial industry”, “hard constraint on soft injury” of financial enterprises Without the authorization of our website, we are not allowed to reprint, extract or use the above works. 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