Second enlistment: from the customs guard to the sharp soldier in the snow area

“Good fellow! We found four daggers in the stowaways’ bags Speaking of the “highlight” moment of his army, Ou Yufeng, a new soldier in the “second enlistment” of a detachment of the second mobile corps of the Chinese people’s armed police force, was full of pride: “we flew over and captured six illegal persons who attempted to sneak into Macao in less than 20 seconds.” In the thrilling anti smuggling task, Ou Yufeng participated in five times in the original army. In September 2017, with the original intention of serving the motherland, Ou Yufeng joined the army and joined the army to serve in a unit of the former Guangdong Provincial Public Security Frontier Defense Corps. He was stationed in Hengqin Island, Zhuhai City, adjacent to the Macao Special Administrative Region. He was responsible for cracking down on smuggling and maritime smuggling and drug enforcement. In September 2019, due to the reform of the public security frontier forces and other reasons, Ou Yufeng took off his military uniform and left home with tears. After he retired from the army, Ou Yufeng often dreamed that he had a steel gun in his hand. Sometimes he was on duty at the three foot sentry post, and sometimes he was patrolling the frontier line of the motherland < / P > < p > “since I dream of joining the army and serving the country, why not go again? Our whole family supports you Father’s line year old Ou Yufeng once again ignited the dream in the heart, determined to enlist again. Along the way, Ou Yufeng felt the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland, and more deeply realized that the vast frontier needed soldiers to stick to. When he heard that the army he was about to join was responsible for the maintenance of Sichuan Tibet and new Tibet Plateau national highways, Ou Yufeng was full of expectations for the future military life: “I have been a new soldier for 2 years, this time I will continue to serve for 2 years. My goal is to become a sergeant after four years of new recruits, and realize my dream in the snow covered plateau.” < p > < p > on the training ground, Ou Yufeng is strict with himself and strives to make new breakthroughs in the scores of each subject. In his daily work, he sets a good example in the aspects of housekeeping and cleaning, playing a good role as an “old recruit” and assisting the monitor in class management. < / P > < p > “in the original army, my biggest drawback was that I didn’t like to study theory. I felt that theoretical knowledge was boring. As long as I practiced military skills, I lacked theoretical skills.” Ou Yufeng, who scored 100 points in the first theoretical examination of the new recruits brigade, shared his own experience: “after I joined the army again, I forced myself to get rid of the shortcomings of not loving to learn theories, and I humbly asked the leaders’ backbone for advice, while understanding and digesting…” No matter who asked about the original intention of Ou Yufeng to wear military uniform again, Ou Yufeng always firmly replied: the second enlistment is only to complete the army and serve the motherland!