Science Popularization: why is the explosion of ammonium nitrate so powerful

Ammonium nitrate is a colorless and tasteless crystal, which is soluble in water. Ammonium nitrate is widely used as fertilizer and explosives. When used as chemical fertilizer, ammonium nitrate often exists in granular form, which can be dissolved quickly when meeting water, thus releasing nutrient nitrogen needed by plant growth. Ammonium nitrate can also be used as explosive material. Although it is stable and nonflammable at room temperature, it is also an oxidant. When combustible materials catch fire, it can promote the fire and can react with combustible materials to explode. Ammonium nitrate can also explode when heated or subjected to severe impact. According to the different heating temperature, the decomposition products are also different; the higher the temperature, the faster the reaction is. When the temperature is above 400 ℃, it will decompose violently and explode. When ammonium nitrate is mixed with reducing agent, organic matter and flammable substance, explosive mixture can also be formed. < / P > < p > how powerful is the explosion of 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate? Some people in the industry said that the damage of the accident in Beirut port area was equivalent to the impact of shock wave and air wave produced by the explosion of a small nuclear bomb, which destroyed a large number of buildings.