Science popularization competition between PLA and CAPF will be held in 2020

Hefei September 292020 science popularization competition between PLA and CAPF was held in Hefei, Anhui Province on September 29. 48 players from relevant units of the PLA and the armed police force went on stage one by one to compete, bringing a rich, wonderful and interesting scientific feast for the officers and soldiers on the scene. The competition is hosted by the science and Technology Committee, and undertaken by the army equipment department and the army artillery and Air Defense Academy. < / P > < p > the competition is divided into three parts: explanation of independent proposition, explanation of random proposition and question and answer of common sense of science and technology. Military and local experts are invited to be the judges, random lot drawing, on-the-spot scoring, whole process video recording, and an independent supervision group is organized to supervise the competition activities. < / P > < p > the 48 contestants came from grass-roots units, hospitals, colleges and scientific research institutions. The youngest was 19 years old, and the oldest was 46 years old. There were soldiers, civilian personnel, scientific and technological cadres, political cadres, and doctors and nurses who fought in the front line of Huoshen mountain to fight the epidemic. < / P > < p > the contents of the explanation include high and new technologies such as Beidou navigation and positioning system, aircraft carrier electromagnetic ejection, blockchain, etc., as well as knowledge of new coronavirus prevention and control. The contestants performed well on the spot, combined with multimedia live demonstration and other means, explained one by one the profound science popularization knowledge to be easy to understand and witty, causing bursts of applause from the judges and audience. < / P > < p > “the profession of doctor is naturally associated with popular science, because every time you explain your illness to patients, it is a process of science popularization. It can be said that every front-line doctor is a science popularization commentator. ” Cai Xiaoqing, the attending physician from 904 hospital, once served as the attending physician in the Sixth Department of infection of Huoshen Mountain hospital. He told the “individual soldier’s technology code of Huoshen mountain” with full enthusiasm and professional perspective. Stepping off the competition platform, he told: “the object of medical science popularization should not be limited to patients in hospitals, but the front line of science popularization should go deep into grass-roots units and other places.” < / P > < p > during the competition, the scene also arranged a unique unmanned combat vehicle and other technology exhibition shows and on-site interactive links, so that the audience can feel the impact of future technology. Li Rui, an army artillery and air defense Cadet watching the scene, said: “science and technology is the core combat effectiveness of modern war. It is the responsibility of military academy students in the new era to study scientific and technological knowledge, continuously spread scientific knowledge and consciously inherit scientific spirit.”