Salaries were cut, novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment in India resigned 868 doctors

According to the times of India, the medical staff are part of 1080 medical students who graduated from the government medical school this year. They are temporarily deployed to the front line of the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic. Although they were promised a monthly salary of 42000 rupees, they received only 27000 rupees, the report said. < / P > < p > in addition to the taxes to be paid, 8400 rupees are deducted in the name of “meeting the government’s salary challenge”. “Now we only have 27000 rupees,” said a head of the Kerala junior doctors association At present, the association has sent letters to the government and health departments, asking for emergency intervention. < / P > < p > doctors revealed in their resignation letter that they would no longer provide services after September 10. Since the term of office is three months in total, some doctors who joined the team in may have completed their term of office. The doctors also said, “because of the high demand for medical staff, the government may expand the services of these doctors as cases surge in the state. However, the government was not ready to listen to our discontent, and we were forced to resign. If the complaint remains unresolved, we will decide not to work. ”