SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan l 2021 goes on sale at 215800-285800 yuan

A few days ago, SAIC’s 2021 model was listed, with a suggested retail price of 215800-285800 yuan. The new car is equipped with 280tsi, 330tsi and 380tsi engines, all of which are equipped with DSG seven speed dual clutch transmission. In terms of configuration, tuguan l2021 products are upgraded again. < / P > < p > the 2021 Tiguan L series adopts a new logo design, of which 330tsi R-line and 380tsi R-line enjoy more version 4MOTION add R-line exclusive design, integrate rich sports design elements into the appearance and interior. In terms of configuration, these two new cars are also upgraded with 10.3-inch digital instrument panel, panoramic image, etc. The 330tsi R-line ultimate and 380tsi R-line ultimate 4MOTION updates are equipped with 8-inch full touch entertainment and navigation system, including USB interface / Bluetooth function / natural voice control / carlife, Carplay & mirrorlink hand mapping / real-time road navigation / map online upgrade function.