SAIC Volkswagen id.4x will be put into production at the end of September, MEB platform will be built, and it will be officially launched in January next year

Recently, we learned from relevant channels that SAIC Volkswagen id.4x will be officially put into production at the end of this month, and will be officially launched in January next year. As the first pure electric vehicle on the MEB platform of SAIC Volkswagen, the id.4x positioning is higher than that of the same level “oil to electricity” products of Hyundai onsino and e Jinqing, so the starting price is expected to reach about 250000 yuan. The SAIC Volkswagen id.4x is a pure electric SUV with a body size of 4612x1852x1640mm, a wheelbase of 2765mm and a curb weight of 2120kg. < / P > < p > from the appearance, we can see that it is close to the “official camouflage car” announced before, which well restores the original style of ID. From the decoration information shown in the previous declaration map, it can be seen that domestic id.4x will have Pro version models, and “1st First Edition” should also be provided. In terms of power, id.4 can be equipped with a variety of modular drive components – the first model is rear wheel drive, and the next four-wheel drive version with front and rear motors will be launched. The maximum power of the motor in the rear drive model is 150KW, and the peak torque is 310nm; an additional drive motor is added to the front axle of the four-wheel drive model, and the comprehensive power of the system is 225Kw and the comprehensive torque is 450nm. Thanks to its excellent aerodynamic design and large capacity battery, id.4 has a range of 500 km under wltp conditions.