SAIC Audi will be put into production soon. Q4 e-tron and id.4x share SAIC Volkswagen New Energy Plant

Recently, we learned from relevant channels that SAIC Audi project will soon enter the implementation stage. According to the plan, SAIC Audi’s first production model will be a class a pure electric Audi q4e Tron. The new car will be co produced with SAIC Volkswagen id.4x at SAIC Volkswagen’s new energy vehicle plant (MEB plant) in Anting. It is reported that SAIC Volkswagen id.4x will be officially put into production in October, and its overseas version will be released on September 23. At present, it is reported that Audi q4e Tron will appear in early 2021. Based on id.4x, we expect SAIC Audi to officially put into production q4e-tron in the first quarter of next year. After the new car is launched, it will face the competition of Tesla Model y, which is put into production in Shanghai Super factory. < / P > < p > Audi Q4 e-tron continues the design of e-tron, but the shape of air inlet of front bumper is adjusted. Make the whole front of the car look younger and more sporty. The lines on the side of the car body are smooth, and the design concept of the camera is still used in the exterior rearview mirror, which is full of sense of science and technology. The biggest highlight of the rear is still the through LED tail light, which has become Audi’s family style design. The interior design of Audi Q4 e-tron is quite cool. The irregular layout of the center console gives people a refreshing feeling, and the angular lines also reflect a stronger sense of movement. In terms of configuration, the new car will be equipped with LCD instrument panel, large-scale central control screen, flat bottom multi-functional steering wheel, head up display and other functions. In terms of power, Audi Q4 e-tron will be equipped with front and rear dual motors, with a combined maximum power of 225Kw and a peak torque of 460nm. The acceleration time of 0-100km / h is 6.3s. In terms of endurance, the lithium battery capacity of the new car is 82kwh, the driving range under wltp condition is more than 450km, and the endurance mileage of NEDC will be more than 500km.