Russia’s top officials talk about new coronal vaccine: expected to start exporting in spring 2021

According to the Russian satellite news agency reported on August 22, Russian Minister of industry and trade mantulov said that Russia’s new coronavirus vaccine is expected to be exported in the spring of 2021 after increasing domestic production. In response to a reporter’s question, mantulov said: “objectively speaking, it is expected to start exporting next spring, when China’s vaccine production reaches a high level.” “With the increase of vaccine production in China and the cooperation between research institutions such as gamaliya and foreign counterparts, exports will begin because a series of approvals are required before a decision can be made,” he explained. Now some people want to buy, but we are not ready because we need to solve our own problems first. ” On August 11, the Ministry of health of Russia registered the world’s first vaccine against new coronavirus infection, which was jointly developed by the National Research Center of epidemiology and microbiology of gamaliya and Russian direct investment fund. The vaccine was named “satellite-v”. Dmitry riev, President of Russia’s direct investment fund, said the fund has received applications from more than 20 countries to buy one billion doses of vaccine. At the same time, he pointed out that Russia has agreed to produce vaccines in five countries, and the existing capacity will reach 500 million doses per year.