Russia’s Doyle M2 air defense system will be equipped with small missiles to deal with UAVs

According to Itar TASS reported on October 1, Russian army commander in chief Oleg said that Russia is developing a small missile for Doyle M2 air defense system to deal with tactical UAVs. He said that the Doyle M2 air defense system is the most effective way to deal with tactical UAVs at present. The cost of an air defense missile is much higher than that of a small UAV. Therefore, the Russian army is developing a relatively cheap small air defense missile. According to the introduction, the Doyle M2 air defense missile system is an improved version of Dole M1, and its performance is much better than that of Dole M1, which was officially put into service in 2015. Its advantage is that it can intercept local high-precision guidance weapons, such as cruise missiles. Since its deployment in Syria in 2015, it has shot down more than 45 enemy UAVs.