Russian Tu 142 patrol aircraft completed its mission in the Arctic, with a total flight route of 1 km

Qiushi magazine publishes important articles of General Secretary Xi “Building archaeology with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and Chinese style, better understanding the long-standing and profound Chinese civilization” < p > < p > according to the Russian satellite news agency on November 29, the Information Office of the Russian Northern Fleet announced that the two tu-142 anti submarine aircraft flight crew of the fleet had completed the planned flight mission in the Arctic region. “Today, two tu-142 long-range antisubmarine aircraft flight crew of the Northern Fleet have completed planned flights over the Arctic Ocean and neutral waters of the Northeast Atlantic Ocean,” the Northern Fleet said in the message. The flight time is about 12 hours. During this period, the flight route is more than one kilometer. ” < / P > < p > it is reported that the flight crew of the long-range antisubmarine aircraft of the Northern Fleet conducted cooperative drills with the crew of the large antisubmarine ship “lieutenant general kurakov” in the Northeast Atlantic region, and jointly carried out a series of tasks to search submarines.