Russian “salmat” missile will be on duty in 2022

Russia’s “news” website published a report entitled “Russia’s” salmat “intercontinental ballistic missile will start combat duty in 2022” on December 16. General Sergei karakayev, commander of Russia’s strategic rocket forces, announced on December 16 that “salmat” intercontinental ballistic missile will be on combat duty in 2022. At present, Russian industrial enterprises are continuing to prepare for the national flight test of the ‘salmat’ intercontinental missile system. Today, the urur missile regiment of the Russian army has started preparations for the first batch of missile regiments to be reloaded. The first missiles are scheduled to be on combat duty in 2022. Salmat will replace the heaviest strategic missile “force commander” in the world. The experimental design of the project started in 2011. The new missile will be able to attack targets through the Arctic and Antarctic, breaking through the enemy’s anti missile system. The missile is developed by the Markev Design Bureau and will be produced at the krasnoyarski machine building plant. ” < / P > < p > Russia’s future “salmat” heavy liquid fuel intercontinental ballistic missile has a range of 18000 km, a launching weight of 208.1 tons, a payload of more than 10 tons, a total length of 35.5 meters and a diameter of 3 meters. At present, the Russian missile forces are equipped with seven kinds of active intercontinental ballistic missile systems, which are divided into land-based well launched and Tel Mobile launched. In the near future, the Russian army plans to replace various regiments with new “salmat” intercontinental missiles and “pioneer” hypersonic boost glide strike missiles and other systems.