Russian President’s press secretary: Naka cease-fire agreement has not been observed

Moscow, October 22, press secretary of the Russian President Peskov said on the 22nd that the relevant cease-fire agreement signed by Armenian and Azerbaijani in Nagorny Karabakh region has not been effectively implemented. On the same day, Peskov told Russian media that it is regrettable that the Naka cease-fire agreement reached by the two countries on October 10 and the humanitarian cease-fire agreement reached on October 17 have not been effectively implemented. He said that Russia still believes that political diplomacy is the only way to solve the Naka Karabakh conflict. In the past and now, Russia will do everything possible to bring the situation back to the political and diplomatic mediation channel, and is committed to solving the Naka issue through peaceful means. Peskov pointed out that it is necessary for a third country to join the mediation mechanism on the Naka issue with the consent of both Armenian and Azerbaijani parties to the dispute. On September 27, a new round of conflict broke out between Armenian and Azerbaijani over the issue of inaka. Both sides accused the other party of violating the previous cease-fire agreement and launching a military offensive. In recent days, the conflict has caused many casualties, including civilians. The Naka region is located in the southwest of Azerbaijan and its residents are mostly Armenian. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a war broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenian over the ownership of the Naka region. In 1994, the two sides reached an agreement on a comprehensive cease-fire, but the two countries have been in a state of hostility over the Naka issue, and armed conflicts have occurred from time to time.