Russian poll: Russians admit that their biggest problem is drinking

[Global Times comprehensive report] what is the best character of Russians and what is the worst? According to the Russian news agency and the Russian news agency, the most outstanding feature of Russian people’s drinking habits is that they are not fond of alcohol. When talking about the most essential and excellent characteristics of the Russian nation, the Russians mentioned most about kindness and line%, followed by courage, tenacity, firmness and enterprising spirit, followed by tolerance, reliability, mutual assistance and friendship, patriotism and pride, as well as integrity and honesty. When it comes to the main bad habits, the most common ones mentioned by Russians are alcoholism, which ranks the first, far more than the problems of 234: forgiveness and patience, not dealing with people, and being too credulous. There is another interesting point in the survey. Although most of them are white people, nearly half of the Russian citizens believe that the differences in personality between Russians and those in Western Europe and the United States are far more than the similarities. Only 8% thought that there were more similarities and 38% said that “similarities and differences are roughly the same”. The author has been to Russia many times, and I have a deep understanding of the Russian people’s love of drinking. In some small stores in Russia, wine racks are placed in conspicuous positions, while in large supermarkets, there are several rows of wine places. Even in the cold winter of Russia, you can see people staggering along the road after a night’s drinking. In the summer evening, people are more open to drink. Almost every bus stop in a big city will have a lot of young people standing or sitting and chatting with beer in their hands. In 2017, life expectancy in Russia reached a record high of 72.5 years. Among them, the average life expectancy of women is 77.4 years and that of men is 67.5 years. From the data, we can see that the life span of Russian women is nearly 10 years longer than that of men. This gap can be quite large. Some experts pointed out that many chronic diseases caused by drinking are the important reason why Russian men live shorter than women. < / P > < p > in 2017, Russia ranked the fourth in the world in terms of alcohol consumption per capita, reaching 15.76 liters. China is only 89th, with a per capita drinking capacity of 6.7 liters, less than half of that of Russians.