Russian media said: the US drill to destroy the Russian made air defense missile system is too playful

Recently, Russian military expert Igor korochenko said that in response to the US media report that the US Air Force simulated the destruction of Russia’s s S-400 air defense missile system during the exercise, the Russian opinion Daily reported that this statement is totally unrealistic. Korochenko thinks the US air force exercise is too playful: “the simulated S-400 air defense missile system is placed on an open battlefield, and US warplanes fly to it from all directions to launch attacks. This will never happen on a real battlefield. S-400 air defense missile system, as a part of Russia’s aerospace integrated defense system, can destroy any air target that attempts to attack Russian forces or penetrate Russian airspace. ” < / P > < p > previously, the US military website “defense blog” reported that the US Air Force held a simulation exercise code named “Emerald flag” at Anglin base in Florida. During this period, two F-22 fighters and six F-35 fighters formed a formation. After shooting down the same number of Su-34 fighter bombers, they approached the opponent’s position by low altitude stealth penetration, launched agm-88 anti radiation missiles, and destroyed the simulated S-400 air defense missile system. Subsequently, the US Air Force dispatched a large number of fighters to attack T-72 tanks and other ground targets. The report claims that the simulated S-400 air defense missile system has no response to the penetration and attack of us fighters, and the new generation of us air strike platforms and weapons occupy an absolute advantage in the exercise. < / P > < p > in fact, the “War Preview against Russia” held at Anglin base has become a traditional training mode of the US air force. Relying on procurement, imitation and other means, the US air force deployed Russian active service equipment in training and shooting ranges, including S-300 air defense missile system, Su-34 fighter bombers, T-series tanks, etc., playing the role of the imaginary enemy is the forces that track the development of Russian combat theory and tactics throughout the year. The S-400 air defense missile system in this exercise was “simulated” after the spectrum and operational parameters of the S-300 air defense missile system were modified. < / P > < p > for the simulation results of the exercise, some US military personnel think that it has a high reference value, and will strengthen the research on penetration operations on this basis, and share experience with NATO allies. According to the analysis of foreign media, the U.S. military shows its “superiority in air combat against Russia” at this time, intending to discredit the reputation of Russian made weapons and alienate the relations between Russia and other countries on the basis of showing strength in armaments. < / P > < p > on the one hand, the recent frequent accidents of US aircraft carriers, amphibious ships and fighter planes have aroused doubts about its armament status, and the US military intends to show its combat capability to its allies through the “transcript” of this drill. On the other hand, Turkey insists on purchasing Russia’s s S-400 air defense missile system at the cost of abandoning F-35 fighters, which has a great impact on the geopolitics of the Middle East and even Europe and NATO’s defense. Analysts believe that as a member of NATO, Turkey’s installation of advanced Russian air defense system may lead to the leakage of NATO’s core military information. Before the exercise, some us think tanks suggested that the US Department of defense use NATO channels to strengthen communication with Turkey and develop countermeasures with the help of the S-400 air defense missile system obtained by Turkey. At this time, the US side showed high-profile achievements of F-35 fighters against S-400 air defense missile system, which not only dissuaded Turkey from abandoning Russian made equipment as soon as possible, but also created a “crisis of trust” for Russia Turkey relations. < / P > < p > as for the contents of the US Open exercise, Russian military experts said that the US air force exercise was “too wishful thinking” and that “war is not a simple game of chess and calculation”. Russia said that as a part of the combat system, whether it is responsible for daily combat duty or actual combat deployment in Syria, the S-400 air defense missile system has never fought alone, and long-range early warning, succeeding air defense, air ground cooperation, electronic warfare suppression and other actions will run through the whole combat process. In contrast, F-35 fighter has limited missile load, endurance and attack distance, so it can not pose a threat to S-400 air defense missile system in wartime. < / P > < p > as for the individual performance of the system, the Russian side said that the S-400 air defense missile system and the s-300v4 air defense missile system recently deployed in the Far East have the ability of reconnaissance and identification against the US F-22 fighters and F-35 fighters, and the operational radius is close to 400km. Russian military figures also retort that the so-called correction parameters and spectrum of the US side are completely self deceptive. With the test train installation of S-500 air defense missile system in 2021, the Russian air space defense system with complete spectrum will make us Air Force fighters feel unprecedented pressure.