Russian media said the “salmat” intercontinental missile will start combat duty in 2022

Moscow, December 16 – Sergey karakayev, commander of Russia’s strategic rocket forces, revealed that Russia’s “salmat” intercontinental strategic missile plans to start combat duty in 2022, according to Russia’s “Red Star” on the 16th. According to karakayev, currently Russian enterprises are preparing for the flight test of the “salmat” missile, the first regiment of the urur missile corps has started the preparation work of refitting the missile system, and the combat duty plan will start in 2022. < / P > < p > Russia claims that its fifth generation heavy intercontinental ballistic missile “salmat” weighs more than 200 tons and can use a variety of nuclear warheads, including hypersonic warheads, to break through the enemy’s anti missile system. It will replace the “Satan” intercontinental ballistic missile developed in the Soviet era. When Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his state of the Union address in 2018, he said that one of the “trump cards” of the missile is to fly over the polar region and attack enemy targets in the other hemisphere. The existing and developing anti missile systems of other countries can not cope with this attack mode, and it “can hit any corner of the earth.”.