Russian media: Russia’s new strategic nuclear force command post

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that Russia is about to build a safe nuclear command and control post capable of withstanding nuclear attacks, according to the Russian “Moscow Times” website on November 11. Speaking at a series of military theme meetings, Putin stressed the need for a control system that can continue to work under operational conditions, “even in the event of a nuclear strike.”. “I understand that the construction of facilities for absolute security, especially for the control of strategic and nuclear forces, is nearing completion,” Putin told senior Russian military and defense industry officials According to the Kremlin minutes, Putin urged officials to continue upgrading the nuclear command and control system: “no matter how modern and advanced they are today or have become We have to think about what will happen tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. ” According to the report, Putin said that since the last important arms control agreement between the two nuclear powers, Russia and the United States will expire in February 2021, Russia has put forward a “new security equivalence” proposal to the United States. According to the Russian “news” website on November 12, Putin said at a regular meeting with representatives of powerful departments and federal agencies on November 11 that the new Russian strategic nuclear weapons command post will have almost perfect protection, and its construction is in the final stage. At the same time, Putin called for continued research and development of advanced command systems, which directly depend on whether the military can respond appropriately and quickly to potential threats. This week, Putin held his 15th regular meeting with the heads of the Ministry of defense, federal agencies and military enterprises in Sochi. Despite the outbreak, Putin still communicated face to face with powerful authorities. Given the confidentiality of many of the issues discussed at the shores of the Black Sea, this is not surprising. The theme of this time is to equip the armed forces with a new strategic nuclear weapons command system, according to the report. Not surprisingly, most of the activities were not made public, only Putin’s opening speech could be heard. “It is clear that the operational readiness of the nuclear Trinity and the ability of the entire military to respond appropriately and rapidly to potential military threats directly depend on whether these systems and the entire command loop can operate stably, efficiently and reliably under any circumstances,” Putin said at the opening of the meeting Putin stressed that a lot of work has been done in recent years to keep all elements of command of strategic nuclear forces at the highest level. In particular, the fixed and mobile command posts have been greatly upgraded, and their analysis and operation capabilities have been improved, and important parameters such as anti-interference have been optimized. < / P > < p > now, it is important to improve the survivability of control system. Putin said it must be ensured that it can function in the event of a nuclear attack. Meanwhile, Putin reported on the construction of the new command post. “According to the reports I have received, the construction of the new strategic nuclear force command post is in the final stage,” he said. It has almost perfect protection and a very high safety factor. ” Dmitry kornev, editor of Russia’s military network, told the news that Russian engineers must be ready for new types of strategic nuclear forces to be put on combat duty, including Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle and petrel nuclear powered cruise missile. These tools must be integrated into the combat control system. “Such a system should use reliable and fast communication channels so that instructions can be transmitted quickly and smoothly,” he said. The confidentiality of the information transmitted by the system must also be ensured. Another feature of us is that we are on duty underwater and nuclear. Accordingly, there are different ways to send signals to them – some for submarines, some for aircraft and missile silos. ” The expert also said that in the past, missiles aimed at the target first and then maintained this state during combat duty. Later, with the development of technology, it began to aim before launch: data of several targets were stored in the system, and one of them was selected before launch. “Today, missiles can be re aimed before launch, and even after launch in the future,” kornev said Military expert Victor murahowski told the news that in recent years, the R & D personnel of command system have to complete a task which is not easy: comprehensive import substitution. “It’s no secret that a lot of components were made in Ukraine during the Soviet era,” he explained. Now, everything is left to Russian manufacturers and research and development units. Another task that needs to be completed is to improve the system’s protection capability against nuclear weapons, electromagnetic weapons and other weapons. As early as the Soviet Union, there was a plan to build an explosion-proof command post, but there was no time to implement it. ” The expert also said that from a technical point of view, all the necessary problems have been solved, and all that remains is to build the system. In the next phase, engineers will build and upgrade the automated command system.