Russian media: Russian army builds radar field with full coverage

According to the Russian “news” website reported on October 15, the Volga River Basin and the Ural region’s airspace will be reliably monitored. Sources from the Ministry of defense told the news that it was decided to equip the 76th air defense division with a powerful “sky-m” mobile radar. The first such system has been delivered to XPCC. It can track aerodynamic targets 24 hours in an area of more than 1 million square kilometers and discover stealth aircraft, UAVs and ballistic missiles. Experts believe that this is part of the plan to build a full coverage radar field along China’s border. < / P > < p > unlike the radar of the air defense missile system, the “sky-m” equipment can be on duty for a long time and monitor the airspace for 24 hours. The latest radar system will be delivered to the 76th air defense division of the Central Military Region, Russia’s largest Air Defense Corps in Central Asia. It not only covers Samara, Yekaterinburg and their industrial clusters, but also protects the important strategic aviation base in Engels. < p > < p > < p > as previously reported in the news, the 76th air defense division is fully equipped with the most advanced S-400 “triumphal” air defense missile system, and at the same time, it also receives the “armor” missile gun integrated air defense system and the latest radar. In December last year, the Ministry of Defense announced plans to build full coverage radar fields along the Russian border. Similar to the radar field of missile attack early warning system, it will be used to track military aircraft approaching and cruise missile launching in advance. “This kind of radar system is absolutely necessary,” military expert Victor murahowski told the news. A unified radar field has been established along the Russian border, but comprehensive surveillance has not been formed for ultra-low altitude. The conflict in Libya and Nagorno Karabakh shows that we need different radar systems that can monitor long-range, high-altitude and large-scale targets as well as work on small UAVs. ” < / P > < p > < p > “sky-m” radar system integrates three radars, each installed on a separate vehicle. They work in centimeter, decimeter and meter bands respectively. All the information is converging in the command vehicle. < / P > < p > radar can operate independently or simultaneously. The mode of working at different wavelengths at the same time can find stealth aircraft and small cruise missiles and UAVs made by stealth technology. By analyzing and comparing the data received in different wavebands by the computer of radar system, even the weakest reflected signal can be identified. < / P > < p > “sky-m” is the record maker of the highest power in all mobile radar systems. According to diamond Aetna, it can find targets with an effective reflection area of 1 square meter, equivalent to a small private aircraft. If we give up omni-directional scanning and concentrate all the energy in one direction, it can even find ballistic missiles with a distance of 1800 km in the 90 degree scanning area. < / P > < p > in addition to sky-m, the container fixed over the horizon radar will also monitor the activities of military aircraft near the Russian border. It can track targets up to 2000 kilometers.