Russian foreign ministry expresses strong protest against US warships entering Russian territorial waters

Moscow, November 27 the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on November 27 that Russia strongly protested the recent entry of US warships into Russian territorial waters. < / P > < p > the statement said that the fact that U.S. warships enter Russian territorial waters will not have any impact on the status of relevant waters in terms of international law. Russia urges the US side to avoid such risky actions in the future, otherwise the US side will bear full responsibility for the possible consequences. Russia reserves the right to take response measures. < p > < p > according to the news released by Russia’s Ministry of defense on the 24th, the US Navy Destroyer “John McCain”, which has been staying in the sea of Japan for many days, entered the waters near Peter’s Bay in Russia’s territorial sea at 6:17 Moscow time on the 24th. Russia’s “admiral Vinogradov” antisubmarine destroyer issued a warning to the US destroyer and indicated that it might collide with it. The US destroyer immediately returned to neutral waters. < / P > < p > Peter the Great Bay is the largest Bay of Russia bordering on the sea of Japan, located in the Russian territorial sea. In the Gulf are Vladivostok, nahodka and other cities and Russia’s largest port near the Pacific east port.