Russian experts say Russia’s strategic nuclear force is “growing old”: it can serve for another 10 years at least

On December 10, the website of Russia’s Independent newspaper published an article entitled “the enemy will not have a chance to defeat Russia in a global war”. The author is Vladimir Mukhin, an observer of the newspaper. According to the article, Russian experts pointed out that Russia’s relatively “not young” strategic nuclear power equipment has higher combat effectiveness after upgrading, which makes them at least able to survive Ten years in the Russian army. The excerpts of the full text are as follows: < / P > < p > after objectively evaluating the results of the offensive strategic force command training recently held by the Russian army, it can be concluded that almost all the strategic nuclear force weapons launched in combat training are “not up-to-date”. < / P > < p > the “Karelia” strategic missile nuclear submarine and Tu-160 and tu-95ms strategic bombers successfully fired missiles at targets thousands of kilometers away. They were all produced in the Soviet period and served in the armed forces for about 30 years. Only when the yars strategic ICBM system was launched from the Plesetsk launch site, it was relatively young and was listed in 2009. These weapons form the basis of Russia’s strategic nuclear power. Under the situation of economic instability, Russia is trying to optimize military spending. Recently, strategic nuclear power training has been organized every year to test relatively “not young” strategic weapons and equipment. The question is: can these equipment guarantee national security? Is the equipment of strategic nuclear forces participating in the recent training aging? What weapons will replace them? < / P > < p > it is not only Russian experts, politicians and media who are concerned about these issues, but also Russian national leadership. It can be seen that a month ago, President Putin held a series of meetings with military officers and representatives of the defense industry in Sochi on the development of strategic nuclear forces. Putin stressed at that time: “although the nature of the military threat is changing, the nuclear Trinity is always the most important key guarantee for Russia’s military security and even global stability.” Russian experts pointed out that after upgrading, Russia’s relatively “not young” strategic nuclear power equipment has higher combat effectiveness, which enables them to serve in the Russian army for at least 10 years. < p > < p > Oleg schwedkov, chairman of the Central Committee of the all Russian military Union and retired Navy Colonel, believes that “the 667bdrm strategic missile submarine, including the Karelia strategic nuclear submarine, constitutes the basis of the sea based part of Russia’s” nuclear Trinity “strike force. The “Karelia” nuclear submarine was launched in 1989 and maintained in 2012. It is equipped with a relatively new and improved r-29rmu “seneva” submarine launched ballistic missile system. The system is an efficient weapon, carrying four nuclear warheads with a power of about 500000 tons and a range of more than 10000 kilometers. It can successfully break through the anti missile system of potential enemies and effectively hit the target. The launch of the “light boat” missile from the underwater position of the strategic missile submarine to the Kamchatka kakura range proved its combat performance, which shows the reliability of such missiles and Chinese submarines. Of course, the service life of these nuclear submarines will be extended, which is the practice all over the world. For example, the Ohio class strategic nuclear submarines equipped with trident-2 submarine launched ballistic missiles, which entered the US Navy in 1981, are still carrying out combat missions. China’s 667bdrm strategic missile submarine must be able to serve until 2025-2030. ” < / P > < p > Russian strategic bombers also have the prospect of upgrading. Yuri sliusar, President of United aircraft manufacturing company, recently announced that Russia began to transform the tu-95ms strategic bomber. It will be equipped with an improved nk-12mpm turboprop engine. In addition, the upgraded tu-95msm will be equipped with new weapon systems, airborne electronics and propellers. “After upgrading, the combat effectiveness of this type of bomber will be fully doubled,” he said. In addition, the missile carrying capacity of tu-95msm will be increased from four to eight cruise missiles. Tu-160 bombers are also undergoing modification. ” The research and development of hypersonic strategic missile has also made achievements. In addition to receiving “yals”, the “pioneer” system missile regiment established by the strategic rocket donbarovsky Division has been on combat duty on December 29, 2019.