Russian Caspian Sea Fleet strengthens land forces

It is reported that this new land combat battalion belongs to the 177th Marine Corps of the Navy, which was just established in 2018 by the Caspian fleet. The main equipment of the “120 mm” artillery group, the “120 mm” artillery battalion, the “120 mm” artillery unit, and the “120 mm” artillery battalion, including the “Navy artillery” and “120 mm” artillery, have been equipped with “Navy artillery” and “120 mm” artillery. All team members are equipped with “warrior” individual combat system and “Sagittarius” reconnaissance, command and communication integrated system. Since the land battalion is an independent combat unit, it can perform complex tasks without the main force. At present, the Caspian Sea Fleet urgently needs troops who can not only land on the sea but also complete the task of airborne landing. Vladimir arnohin, vice president of Russia’s geopolitical research institute, believes that strengthening the construction of Marine Corps in the crucial Caspian Sea area shows Russia’s importance to the region. “In the future, land combat battalions can be sent to any place in Central Asia. If the situation deteriorates, it will also be used in the north Caucasus. “. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the naval and land forces in the Caspian Sea have undergone several reforms. In 1994, the 332nd independent battalion was established in Astrakhan, which was later renamed the 600th independent guard battalion. In 1999, the 414th independent land combat battalion of the navy was established in kaspisk, and the 77th independent close guard land combat brigade of the navy was rebuilt on the basis of it in 1999. The brigade actively participated in the anti-terrorism operations in the north Caucasus, liberated more than 10 settlements, and more than 300 officers and soldiers won medals. In 2008, the brigade was disbanded and only two battalions were retained, one of which was reorganized into the 177th Marine Corps of the Navy two years ago. < / P > < p > with the continuous strengthening of the Navy and land forces in the Caspian Sea area, the strength of the rapid reaction forces in the strategic direction of southern Russia will be further enhanced, which will be ready to strengthen the response to the complex and turbulent situation in Central Asia and the Near East.