Russian army shows achievements in new weapon construction

Recently, the Russian army has continuously organized the “trump card” weapon test such as the “zircon” hypersonic missile, accelerated the process of advanced ship and aircraft flight test, and promoted the installation of new weapon platforms. Foreign media reported that Russia’s intensive display of new weapons construction achievements before the end of the year is not only the implementation of equipment research and development and train loading requirements, but also intended to show the United States and other western countries a strong “sword”. On November 26, the first air defense and anti missile group army of the Russian air space army successfully launched a new type of anti missile missile at the sareshagan missile test site in Kazakhstan, and the missile accurately hit the designated target. The Russian commander stressed that this new type of anti missile missile has passed a series of tests and has fully proved its reliability. Russian military expert Alexei leonkov said that the missile is likely to be a new type of anti missile interceptor code named 53t6, which will become the main ammunition for the future firepower network of A-135 strategic anti missile system. The Russian side said that this is the 11th test launch of the missile and the second test in this year, marking that its performance tends to be stable and will be further integrated into the echelon air and space defense system of the Russian army. < / P > < p > on the same day, the missile frigate “admiral Gorshkov” of the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet launched a “zircon” hypersonic missile in the white sea waters, accurately hitting a moving target in the Barents Sea area 450 km away, and the missile’s flight speed reached Mach 8. It is worth mentioning that only four days later, the yassen-m attack nuclear submarine, which is in the national test stage, also launched this type of missile, and the missile hit the target 1300 km away. This is the fifth test launch of the zircon hypersonic missile this year and the first submarine based launch. < p > < p > evmenov, commander in chief of the Russian navy, said that the test launch aimed to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the weapon system and power plant of the “Kazan” nuclear submarine, which is an essential link in the process of the ship’s installation. During the sea trials on November 23 and 30, the Kazan nuclear submarine also launched “calibre” and “Onyx” cruise missiles, respectively, to accurately hit land and sea targets. Russian media commented that the Russian army launched several new missiles intensively and successfully in a short period of time, reflecting that the stability of missiles and the adaptability of boat missiles have reached the expected goal. At the beginning of December, the Russian air force also sent out heavy news. The first Russian heavy UAV, the hunter UAV, has started flight test, mainly to test the adaptability of airborne electronic equipment and ammunition. As a prototype of the sixth generation of Russian air and space forces, this type of aircraft has completed the test flight at the same altitude and speed with the su-57 fighters before, and is the main aircraft type in the future Russian air and space battlefield. In addition, Eugene, deputy commander of the Russian air and space forces, announced that the national test of the S-500 air defense missile system, a new generation of air defense and anti missile weapon, has basically ended, and it will be put into trial combat duty in 2021. < / P > < p > the development and assembly of Russian conventional weapons and equipment has also attracted the attention of the outside world. The Russian Air Force announced that it would install two mi-28nm armed helicopters by the end of December. This type of aircraft has completed the national test, and has the characteristics of high-speed stealth, heavy load, long range, etc. it is the “commando” of the low altitude attack group of the air and space forces and the land and air forces, and is known as the “super night hunter”. In addition, as three su-35s fighters were loaded into the tactical air force of the air space campaign, the Russian army basically completed its target of receiving 50 su-35s fighters by the end of the year. < p > < p > in terms of Navy, the third 20380 frigate “ardar qigenzapov” has passed the national test and completed the evaluation and acceptance of anti submarine and naval gun fire. The 22800 small missile ship “ojinzov” was delivered to the Navy at the end of November. < / P > < p > on the first day of the new financial year, the 90th tank division of the central Russian military region was equipped with the first batch of “terminator” tank support vehicles, which were developed on the basis of the T-90A tank and can carry out multi-purpose fire support with strong protection capability. On the same day, Russia’s eastern Military Region announced that the s-300v4 new air defense missile system was on combat duty in the South Kuril Islands. The system is the latest improved model of S-300 air defense missile system, which can intercept ballistic missiles and other aircraft with a radius of 400km and an altitude of 3700m. Relying on this weapon platform, Russia’s long-range air defense capability in the direction of Sakhalin Okhotsk Sea will be increased by 15%. < / P > < p > the Russian army has also recently launched three dual-use communication satellites and one military satellite, improving the battlefield communication and support capabilities. In addition, on December 14, Russia successfully launched an “Angara” A5 heavy space launch vehicle. Russian President Vladimir Putin once said that the rocket project is of great significance to Russia’s national security. < / P > < p > according to the report, the Russian army has continuously carried out weapon tests and trains, which has improved the battlefield balance ability from the system level. Among them, new anti missile interceptors and hypersonic missiles were tested on the same day. Within seven days, various types of ships were used to test fire zircon, calibre and onyx missiles one after another to test the combat capability of single ship combat and cluster damage. In particular, the launching devices of the above three missiles are universal to the shore based “bastion” launching system, which helps to enhance the flexibility of sea based strategic strike. < / P > < p > in addition, during the national test period, the Russian military weapon platform will also be subject to the evaluation and inspection of ship aircraft cooperation course. For example, the frigate “ardar qigenzapov” carries out cross service cooperative training with tu-22m3 strategic bombers and su-35s fighters of air space army, and tests the interoperability of command and control system, which is of positive significance for joint operations after service. After the deployment of the s-300v4 new air defense missile system in the South Kuril Islands, it will form a three-dimensional defense line with the “Lingbao” coastal defense missile system, “armor-s” missile gun integrated air defense system and su-35s fighters in the region to consolidate Russia’s eastern strategic security.