Russian army began to reserve “Amata” tank crew

According to the Russian “news” website, the Russian Ministry of defense recently decided to recruit students directly from military academies to drive “Amata” series of tanks. Kazan higher tank Command School and emusk armored engineering college will undertake the training task of tank crew. The two institutions will enroll the first batch of students in 2021 to learn how to drive the “Amata” series of tanks. The educational system of Kazan higher tank command school is 4 years, mainly responsible for training tank platoon leaders. According to the news released by the Russian Ministry of defense in September, students should first contact with various training simulators during their study in the Kazan higher tank Command School. The Ministry of defense plans to provide a batch of such equipment to the school in October for use by new students. According to Russian media, the equipment includes “Amata” tank driving simulator and fire training computer simulator. It is expected that the first batch of students will enter the army from 2025 to 2026. The school will show students tank profiles, individual components and devices, and other visual aids to prepare for training future maintenance engineers. Russian military expert Viktor murahovsky said that the officers of tank forces should not only master the new tank technology, but also organize the soldiers of their subordinate units to carry out training. Today, senior cadets at Russian military academies have at least one year exposure to new tank related technologies to avoid tank failures due to operational errors in the future. He also stressed that the t-14 main battle tank is the most complicated one among the “Amata” armored vehicle family. Therefore, the crew members, especially the vehicle commander, who operate them must have sufficient professional skills. Therefore, they will receive years of rigorous training in the military academy. < / P > < p > compared with the previous tanks, the most characteristic of “Amata” series tanks is the unmanned turret. The crew members remotely control the weapons in the isolated armored cabin of the tank body. This method can greatly reduce the combat casualty rate of crew members. The tank is also equipped with “alexia” active defense system, which can form an impenetrable “dome” around the tank, and can automatically eliminate anti tank shells, bombs and missiles without the participation of crew members. According to the analysis, the Russian army is developing t-14 main battle tank, T-15 heavy infantry vehicle and t-16 armored rescue vehicle on the basis of “Amata” heavy track common platform. The training and reserve of command and technical personnel in advance by the Russian army not only embodies the concept of “preferring personnel and other equipment, but also contributes to the formation of combat effectiveness of equipment as soon as possible.