Russian and French presidents talk by telephone on regional and bilateral issues

Russian and French presidents talked on regional and bilateral issues by telephone with French President Nicolas makeron at the request of Japan to hold consultations on regional and bilateral issues. < / P > < p > according to the news released on the website of the Kremlin on the same day, the two sides discussed the situation in Lebanon in detail by telephone, and discussed the humanitarian assistance measures taken by the two countries after the big explosion in the port area of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Makron briefed Putin on his recent visit to Lebanon and the video conference on international aid to Lebanon held on September 9 at the initiative of France. When talking about the Ukraine issue, the leaders of the two countries made positive comments on the relevant cease-fire agreement reached by the tripartite contact group on Ukraine on July 22 and said that they would continue to carry out joint work under the “Normandy model”. < / P > < p > the leaders of the two countries also held consultations on bilateral issues and Mr. makron’s planned visit to Russia, expressing their willingness to jointly develop relations in the political, economic, trade and cultural fields, and take measures to ensure European security and stability. The two sides discussed covid-19 new vaccines, and said they would continue to cooperate in coping with the new crown.