Russia successfully test launched zircon hypersonic cruise missile

Moscow, October 7, chief of staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, grasimov, reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russian troops successfully test fired the “zircon” hypersonic cruise missile on October 6. The Russian Navy frigate “admiral Gorshkov” launched a “zircon” missile in the White Sea on June 6, which successfully hit a target in the Barents Sea after flying 450 km, according to the Russian news agency. The “zircon” missile flew for 4.5 minutes, with an average speed of 5700 km / h, a peak speed of 9500 km / h and a maximum flight altitude of 28 km. Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the successful test firing of “zircon” missiles was a major event in the Russian military community and even in Russia. He believed that in addition to launching the “zircon” missile from the sea, Russia should also develop a land-based launching system for the missile. Putin said in his state of the Union address in February 2019 that the “zircon” missile developed by Russia can fly at Mach 9 and have a range of more than 1000 km. < p > < p > < p > < p > “zircon” missile is developed by the Russian machinery manufacturing scientific research and production consortium. It can be used to counter surface ships including aircraft carriers, as well as to attack ground targets. It is reported that the “zircon” missile will be mainly equipped on the 22350 frigate and the “ash tree” class multi-purpose attack nuclear submarine.