Russia sends the first batch of humanitarian aid convoy to Naka region

Moscow, November 20, Russia’s Ministry of emergency announced on the 20th that Russia sent the first batch of humanitarian aid convoys to Nagorno Karabakh region on the same day. According to the announcement, the Russian Ministry of emergency situations has set up two convoys to deliver humanitarian relief materials to the Naka area, mainly for the construction materials needed for the restoration of social infrastructure and damaged residential buildings in Naka. According to Russian media, the inter departmental humanitarian response center officially operated in the Naka region on the 20th, according to a news report released by the National Defense Management Center of the Russian Ministry of defense. The center mainly undertakes the tasks of humanitarian assistance for the restoration of peaceful life in Naka region, including helping refugees return home, restoring civil infrastructure, distributing humanitarian relief materials, and assisting relevant departments of Armenian and Azerbaijani to cooperate with international humanitarian agencies. On September 9, the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenian signed a statement declaring a complete cease-fire in the Naka region from 0:00 on the 10th in Moscow. The Naka region is located in the southwest of Azerbaijan and its residents are mostly Armenian. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a war broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenian over the ownership of the Naka region. The two countries have been in a state of full-scale conflict since 1994, but the two sides have been in a state of armed conflict. On September 27 this year, a new round of conflict broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia.