Russia says its air defense system is not afraid of US strategic bombers

According to Russian media reports, US military experts recently announced that the United States needs more strategic bombers to successfully break through Russia’s air defense system in Kaliningrad region. In this regard, Russian military experts ridiculed his naive ideas and said that Russia’s air defense and anti missile systems in the region are impeccable, and that no matter how many US strategic bombers are deployed, it will not help. Recently, Sergei surovikin, commander in chief of Russia’s air and space forces, said that at the end of last month, three US b-52h bombers flew to Kaliningrad region to conduct cruise missile attack simulation exercises with Kaliningrad and western Russia as targets, and the Russian army tracked them throughout the course. Subsequently, Shane presswater, a military analyst at the center for military political power of the United States foundation for defense of democracy, published an article on the “defense one” website, saying that if the United States and Russia break out of the air defense system in Kaliningrad area successfully, the United States needs to have more strategic bombers. He pointed out that the United States needs a total of 225 strategic bombers, of which only 140 are in service. According to the U.S. military plan, the number of US strategic bombers will increase to 175 by 2040, which is 50 short of the number proposed by presworth. The expert said that even with the cooperation of allies, it is difficult for US strategic bombers to completely destroy the Kaliningrad integrated air defense system. In response to this view of US experts, former deputy commander in chief of the Russian air force, ajieki bizev, said that Russia has a strong air defense system in Kaliningrad, which is sufficient to deal with any air threat from the United States and NATO. The number of U.S. bombers is also very high, according to experts. In fact, the United States simply can not use 100 to 200 strategic bombers to attack the region at the same time, which is contrary to operational tactics. Russia today TV station reported that at present, the Russian army has deployed a large number of early warning radars, air defense missile systems and “Iskander” surface to surface missile systems in Kaliningrad. In this area, the Russian army has not only deployed strong attack forces, but also nearly 10 air defense missile regiments, including S-300 air defense missile system, S-400 air defense missile system, armored-s1 missile gun integrated air defense system, and doyle-m2 air defense system. At present, Russia is testing the latest S-500 air defense missile system, and it is expected that the first batch of S-500 air defense missile systems will also be deployed in this area. Russian military expert Yevgeny Bini said that if it is found that the United States has an attempt to attack Kaliningrad area, the Russian air force will take off from the airports of Kaliningrad, Belarus and St. Petersburg to launch an attack on the enemy. The “Iskander” surface to ground missile system can destroy the enemy’s airfields and tactical missile systems within 400 km, and deploy the “Iskander” surface to ground missile system“ The “Murmansk BN” EW system can jam targets within 5000 km. In addition, the electronic warfare system deployed by the Russian army in Crimea peninsula can cover the whole Europe and can also carry out jamming. Igor korotchenko, editor in chief of Russia’s “national defense” magazine, said that the US expert’s statement can be said to be stupid and irresponsible. If the United States and NATO invade this region of Russia, it will be strongly attacked by Russia, which is tantamount to suicide. The advanced air defense missile system deployed in this area can guarantee almost 100% interception of any target. He also suggested that US experts should be more professional and understand the strength of Russia’s strategic nuclear power. Russia’s nuclear power has the ability to erase the United States from the earth. Yuri kunutov, a Russian military expert, said that at present, Americans do not know how to confront Russia’s powerful air defense system in this region. Therefore, the naive idea of US experts similar to increasing strategic bombers to break through Kaliningrad air defense system has emerged.