Russia: Russia will produce 1.5-2 million doses of new coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year

On August 24, Russian Minister of industry and trade mantulov said that by the end of this year, Russia’s monthly production of new crown vaccine will reach 1.5-2 million doses. According to Russian satellite news agency quoted Red Star TV station on the 24th, mantulov said on the same day that Russia’s monthly production of new crown vaccine will reach 1.5-2 million doses by the end of this year, and then the planned monthly production will gradually increase to 6 million doses. In an interview with Red Star TV station, mantulov said that by the end of this month, Russia will produce 30000 doses of new crown vaccine. In September, three Russian enterprises, binnopharm, r-pharm and generium, will participate in the vaccine production, and the output will double by then. < p > < p > mantulov pointed out that Russia has received a lot of vaccine procurement applications and is also considering the supply of vaccines to foreign partners, but first of all, it should meet domestic demand. On August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country’s Ministry of health had for the first time granted national registration of a new crown vaccine developed in his country. It is also the world’s first approved new crown vaccine, the science website reported. On August 12, Russian health minister murashko announced that the first batch of new crown vaccine named “satellite-v” would be produced and put into use in two weeks. A spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Health said the registration certificate allows vaccines developed by Moscow’s “gamaliya” National Center for epidemiology and microbiology to be used in “minority vulnerable groups”, including medical staff and the elderly. However, the certificate states that the vaccine cannot be widely used until a larger clinical trial is expected on January 1, 2021.