Russia Belarus foreign ministers’ meeting: Belarus’s internal affairs can not be interfered by other countries

Markey pointed out that the presidential election in Belarus has been interfered by external forces, whose purpose is to destabilize the situation. The illegal protest action is planned by foreign forces. Belarus has formulated counter sanctions against relevant countries. Lavrov reiterated that the situation in Belarus is its internal affairs and can not be interfered by other countries. As a strategic alliance partner, Russia pays close attention to the situation in Belarus. Russia believes that the presidential election in Belarus is effective. At present, the unprecedented threat of instability faced by Belarus would not have happened without the strong intervention of the outside world. The relevant statements of the EU and NATO on the situation in Belarus are destructive. Russia doubts the proposal of external forces including the OSCE to force Belarus to accept mediation. Some relevant organizations, including the OSCE, attempt to internationalize the situation in Belarus and take the opportunity to intervene in mediation. Russia will not launch any multilateral discussion mechanism in the international community to discuss the internal affairs of Belarus. Russia hopes that the situation in Belarus will be resolved within the scope of law, and strongly condemns the act of external forces openly supporting the opposition and putting pressure on the legitimate government of Belarus. At present, Belarus needs a national dialogue, and the Belarusian authorities have made relevant preparations. < p > < p > Lavrov said that Russia will comprehensively curb attempts to take reactionary actions against the authorities of Belarus from the outside. At the same time, Russia and Belarus will insist on and firmly fight back against the attempt to “alienate” Russia Belarus relations. In addition, Lavrov also said on the same day that Russian Prime Minister mishuskin will pay a working visit to Belarus on March 3, and that President Putin and Belarusian president Lukashenko will meet in Moscow in two weeks.