Rural dinners with more than 100 people in Hainan should be put on record

Hainan provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau recently issued a notice, requiring that in principle, the rural collective dining activities with more than 100 people should be filed for record; for those with more than 100 people and less than 1000 people, township and township personnel should be sent to guide on-site; for those with more than 1000 people, municipal and county personnel should be sent for on-site guidance. < p > < p > Hainan Province has made it clear that the organizer and the head chef are the first responsible person for the food safety of rural collective dinner. The organizer or head chef will report the menu, venue and number of participants to the township market supervision department 72 hours in advance. The rural collective dinner team and the head chef must have an annual health examination and obtain a health certificate. Local market supervision departments should inform the head chef of the “must do list” and “no do list” for rural collective dinner.